August 29, 2022

With New Jersey being ranked the #1 best state to work from home according to, people are creating their own workspaces now more than ever. However, with unwanted clutter and not enough room at home, it can be difficult to find a comfortable spot to focus and be productive. With the help of Junkyard Dogs, we'll create the space you need to have the perfect at-home office.

Whether you're looking to transform a cramped guest room, or crowded corner in your living room, basement or bedroom, we'll help create space you didn't know you had. Our team can remove unwanted:

  • furniture
  • mattresses
  • appliances
  • electronics

No matter what part of your home you're looking to make your workspace, the experts at Junkyard Dogs will work carefully and efficiently to help you get one step closer to having the at-home office of your dreams.

To schedule your residential pick-up, give us a call or contact us today.