July 7, 2022

It happens in every home or apartment over time: clutter! If we buckle down and get ahead of the mess, we can stop losing our keys under mountains of laundry.

Aside from keeping track of things more easily, here are a few more reasons why you should consider de-cluttering:

It could be stressing you out!

Obviously, running around looking for your other shoe or the bill that was due two weeks ago is stressful enough, but also having so much clutter around you can increase stress levels even further.

It could be costing you money!

We’ve mentioned late or missing bill payments, and those can wrack up some serious late fees. In addition to that, not being able to find certain items amid the clutter could cause you to go out and spend more money to replace them when you didn’t need to.

It could be harboring germs and pests!

Getting your home properly cleaned won’t be as easy with stuff everywhere. Not only can unclean countertops and tables promote bacterial growth and get you sick, but roaches, ants and other critters might make themselves at home as well without you even realizing it.

It could be making you late!

It may have become routine already to hunt for your wallet or your glasses in the morning before work, but who knows how long it’ll actually take for you to find what you need to get out the door? Impress your boss by cleaning up and showing up on time!

It could be a safety hazard!

The most obvious reason of all to de-clutter is the issue of safety. Not only can you trip and fall, but if the piles get high enough to block paths to doors, or the doors themselves, they become a fire hazard, too!

Best of all, we can pick up the junk you want to get rid of after you’ve gone through it all! If you’ve got a yard full of trash, construction debris or have some old furniture you need removed, call the Junkyard Dogs or contact us online to get started!