October 6, 2020

These days almost everyone is updating their electronics often. From new televisions to smartphones and kitchen appliances, technology is advancing very quickly and New Jersey homeowners like to stay current with their luxuries! With that in mind, it’s also important to properly dispose of old electronics to help conserve the environment.

Here’s why it’s important!

Hazardous Waste

Folks might not realize it, but electronics often use materials and metals that are hazardous to people. By improperly disposing of certain electronics, New Jersey residents could be subjecting the environment to unnecessary risks and contamination.

Data Security

When disposing of your phone, desktop computer, tablet or laptop, it’s wise to consider the information on those devices. Do you want to toss a tablet in the trash with all of your banking information on it? Of course not! By properly disposing of electronics they’re out of reach of any potential identity thieves and you’re private information stays private.

Precious Metals

Many precious metals go into the manufacturing of electronics. These processed and pure metals can be re-used, but if electronics are disposed of improperly they will be lost. Only about 10-15 percent of gold found in e-waste is recovered due to improper disposal!

Landfill Usage Reduction

We can reduce the number of landfills and the electronics therein by properly disposing of our old and unwanted electronics. This is a win for everyone – including the environment!

Let us help you properly dispose of your old electronics! Contact Junkyard Dogs today to learn more.