July 2, 2020

Attic spaces in New Jersey homes can get hot during summer! And even though they make for a great storage solution, attics should be used to store things that aren’t susceptible to extreme temperatures.

What shouldn’t you store in your attic during the summer? Here are just a few examples:

  • baseball cards
  • candles
  • clothing
  • guitars
  • paper
  • pictures
  • scrapbooks
  • videotapes
  • wood furniture

These and other similar items won’t hold up to extreme heat and other dramatic temperature changes that occur in the attic space of a home. If you’re going to use the attic for storage, it’s wise to add things such as temperature control and lighting to make your life easier and keep your items in good condition!

Before you store more goods in your attic, be sure to remove the junk first! Junkyard Dogs can help haul away household products that have been around for a while accumulating dust. From old furniture to large appliances, we take it all.

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