October 14, 2021

Clutter does more than just increase stress levels within a home, it can be a safety risk as well - especially when it comes to house fires! The beginning of October is fire prevention week, but there’s always time to talk about fire safety!

That’s why the junk removal experts here at Junkyard Dogs has put together this list of ways that clutter can put yourself and your family in a dangerous situation during a house fire.

Blocked Exits

When the clutter inside of a home consists of large pieces of furniture or old appliances, they can easily block pathways through the house and to exits.

Flammable Hazards

It’s not always easy to keep track of what’s getting lost in the clutter. Anything from paper stacked on a kitchen counter or cans of paint thinner stored in a garage can be ignited on accident.

Delayed Rescue

Paramedics and firefighters will have a difficult time getting into your home to fight the fire, rescue anyone in the building or provide medical assistance if there is too much clutter.

During the heating and holiday seasons, house fires tend to be more common. So be sure to keep yourself and your family safe by reducing the amount of clutter in your home! If you have bulky furniture, large electronics or unused household appliances taking up space in your basement, garage or attic, give Junkyard Dogs a call!