October 12, 2018

You may find that every time you begin to clear out space in your home or apartment that things never get as far along as you expect. It’s possible that you’re derailing your decluttering process without even realizing it!

Here are some common missteps that might be throwing off your efforts to remove clutter from your space:

Buying Before Organizing

It’s okay to be ambitious, but purchasing storage before you even know what you’ll need can result in having empty containers contributing to the clutter of your home. Avoid buying first, and instead clean first and figure out what containers you’ll put to good use before stepping out to pick any up.

Burning Yourself Out

Take baby steps by working for two or three hours on one room or space. If you try spending an entire day organizing your home or apartment, you’ll become burned out and less motivated to get anything done. Establish achievable goals and focus on them instead of on the big picture.

Setting Expectations Too High

It’s not likely that your home is going to resemble the cover of a housekeeping magazine when you’re done cleaning up and organizing. That’s because you use the space, and it’ll require some upkeep every now and then. Work on getting the space to a point where you’re able to utilize it efficiently and in an organized manner, and remember that it doesn’t have to be photo ready!

If you’re working on decluttering your living space, don’t forget to avoid these pitfalls! And, if you’re in need of some junk removal, look no further than to Junkyard Dogs! New Jersey’s number one junk removal and recycling company for both commercial and residential customers is always here to help!

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