May 15, 2019

If you rely on heating oil to heat your home, you know that sometimes you have to make a choice when it comes to your heating oil storage tank – do you simply abandon your tank, or remove it completely?

Your safest bet is to call Tomasso Bros. Energy and utilize their tank removal services! It’s the right choice, and here’s why:

  • If done improperly, abandoned tanks can leak over time. If left unnoticed it can cause environmental and health problems as time goes on, leading to high clean-up and removal costs, and possibly fines.
  • Abandoned tanks are susceptible to corrosion and collapse. When an abandoned tank collapses, it causes a sinkhole, which can cause structural damage if close enough to the home, or a safety hazard for anyone walking around the affected area.
  • A homeowner who tries to sell property containing an abandoned oil tank might have trouble finding a buyer due to the potential problems that could arise or the additional cost of having it removed.

Abandoning an oil storage tank is one way to go about it, but there are risks to your property and home value to consider. That’s why we recommend Tomasso Bros. Energy’s tank removal services!

Our sister company, Tomasso Bros. Energy, regularly performs tank removals for homeowners in New jersey – but if you need any other bulk junk hauled away from your home, give Junkyard Dogs a call and set up a pick-up!