October 19, 2019

Do you find yourself digging through your garage to find your Halloween decorations? Has your garage become a place to put things that you “might need later” but tend to never see again? If so, it’s about time to clean out your garage!

Here are a few reasons to clean your garage out this fall:

More Space

This one might be obvious, but the less clutter in your garage the more usable space there is for extra rooms, a workshop, exercise equipment and more.

Peace of Mind

Believe it or not the act of cleaning and living in a clean environment is a stress reliever! If your garage is a mess it could start to impact the state inside of the house and affect you and your family’s moods.

Cleanliness Will Carry Over

Once you have extra space in the garage, you won’t have to leave other bulky items laying around the home – like bags of clothing you’re donating, or a long-term guest’s empty luggage. This leads to a more open home interior!

Easier Access to Important Items

With the excess clutter removed, you’ll have an easier time getting to the things you need – like the aforementioned Halloween decorations, or the snow blower!

A Home for Your Car!

This one is pretty obvious, too! If you have space in your garage for your car, you can protect it from snowfall and other environmental hazards that can cause rust.

No matter how much junk you’re getting rid of, we can help haul away the bulk of it!

If your garage has become a space where old furniture, appliances and electronics go to waste away, give Junkyard Dogs a call to schedule and pickup and help clear it out!