February 13, 2019

When we talk about safety in your home, we’re usually referring to the proper storage of various household products that can be flammable or dangerous, and being sure that they’re kept away from any source of heat. However, if you’re unsure of what is considered flammable or dangerous, this can prove to be a little difficult!

No problem! Your friends at Junkyard Dogs have put together a list of common household products that can be flammable or dangerous – and should be stored accordingly!

  • Beauty Products contain highly flammable chemicals. Such products include hair mousse, hair spray, and antiperspirants and there’s a bigger risk if they come in aerosol cans which have the potential to explode if exposed to heat for a long period of time
  • Hand Sanitizers are alcohol based and can ignite very easily at relatively low temperatures. Rubbing alcohol, and any products containing alcohol, are also highly flammable
  • Nail Polish Remover contains acetone which is highly flammable – the fumes alone can be ignited from some distance away. Never use nail polish remover anywhere near an open flame!
  • Laundry Products are not only flammable, but can also pose a risk to small children. Anything, including pods, stain removers and fabric softeners, should be put away out of reach of children and away from any sources of heat.

Being aware of the dangers of storing certain household products near heat sources, including candles, stoves, and even heat vents, will help keep you and your family safe and prevent accidents that could cause a house fire.

If you’d like more tips on how to keep your New Jersey home safe, call or contact us online today!