October 28, 2022

Is your home beginning to fill up with items you no longer have any use for? Take back the space in your home this fall. Junkyard Dogs has you covered for all household and general waste removal. Since 1946, we have proudly provided residents and businesses in New Jersey with waste removal and recycling services. Here are some steps to help you regain the space in your home.

Step #1: Make A Plan

Identify the rooms or specific areas of your home where you would like to reduce clutter or reorganize. Then, prioritize the areas that you would like to tackle first.

Step #2: Focus on One Room at a Time

Trying to de-clutter your whole home can be overwhelming. However, by handling one area at a time, it can make the task feel simpler and more manageable. Before you know it, you will have all areas of your home clutter free.

Step #3: Design a Sorting System

Once you have decided which area you would like to tackle first, set up a three-box system. This will help you stay organized. One box should be labeled “Keep,” another “Put in Storage,” and the other “Get Rid of.”

  • The “Keep Box” should be for items you regularly use and need.
  • The “Put in Storage Box” could be for items that you don’t use regularly, but will likely need again in the future. 
  • The “Get Rid of Box” should be for items you no longer have any use for and are likely just taking up space.

Note: Sorting is often the most challenging step, as you may have to make some difficult decisions in choosing which items you no longer need or don’t have regular use for. If you are too possessive of items, then you may end up making minimal progress. A good two-part question to ask yourself when evaluating an item is, “When is the last time I used this, and when is the next time I am going to need it?”

Step #4: Get in Touch with Junkyard Dogs for Waste Removal and Recycling

Once you have separated the items that you would like to get rid of, contact Junkyard Dogs. We are happy to provide pick-up of the items you no longer need. Our staff can sort reusable items and appliances so they can be recycled or properly disposed of to minimize environmental impact.

If you follow these steps, you should have no problem conquering the clutter around your home. Become a Junkyard Dogs customer today to help keep your home clean and organized. If you have any questions about the materials, we can pick-up give us a call at (908) 409-5600. You can also review our residential pick-up page or the recycling services page to review the list of materials we can collect.