November 16, 2021

A garage can be a dumping ground for clutter as household junk always seems to find its way out there. From old holiday decorations that don’t work anymore to that drum set you played twice while going through your “rocker phase”, you could likely use some garage cleaning.


Getting started is easy! Here are four easy steps to clearing out the junk in your garage:


1. Move the junk to the driveway


Your garage cleanout has to start somewhere and this will give you a clear picture of the task at hand. Separate the items you removed into two piles, one “keeper” pile, and one “discard” pile. Make one pile on one side of the driveway and the other pile on the other side.


2. Clean the garage floor


Give yourself a clean slate to work with. It’s not everyday you can see your entire garage floor. Take advantage. Once everything is out of the garage, sweep and wash the garage floor.


3. Organize


The keeper pile should go back in the garage in an organized fashion. Buy or build some shelving or cabinets to help. Big box hardware stores sell all kinds of heavier duty racking systems and cabinets for garages.


4. Getting to the removal


Call Junkyard Dogs to schedule a pick-up of any bulk furniture, household electronics, old carpets, chairs and desks that remain in your discard pile!


After your garage is finished, maybe it’ll be time to get started with your attic or basement - don’t forget to give us a call for all of your junk hauling needs.