February 10, 2022

A professional junk removal company will make quick work of what could be a headache for the average New Jersey homeowner, and there are some telltale signs that it’s time to focus on de-cluttering your home, and calling Junkyard Dogs for help with your junk removal needs!

Schedule your residential junk pickup right away if you’re experiencing any of these signs:

  1. Your home is full of unnecessary things. Between spending more time at home amidst the ongoing pandemic and the holiday season having just past, you’ve probably accumulated a lot of things you might not need anymore.

  2. You’re running out of space. Can’t find a home for things? Have a lot of stacks of paper taking up valuable table and counter space? Get all your old junk together so we can haul it away!

  3. Your home is beginning to smell. An abundance of clutter means an abundance of place garbage can hide.

  4. Your home is full of pests and mold. Insects and mold are indicative of the need for a deep cleaning, but with a lot of clutter you won’t be able to find and reach the places that probably need it most.

  5. You have too much furniture. If you have old furniture that sits around taking up space and hardly has any use anymore, consider letting Junkyard Dogs pick it up for you!

When it comes to the big stuff – furniture, yard waste, construction debris, old electronics and large appliances – Junkyard Dogs is here to help! Call or contact us online to find out how we can help with your de-cluttering project.