August 5, 2021

While we’re all still enjoying the summer, it’s never too early to think about upgrading your home heating equipment – especially if you already know you’re in need of an upgrade.

Junkyard Dogs is proud to be a member of the Tomasso Bros. family of businesses, a reliable team of companies that can help New Jersey homeowners improve their comfort in time for the heating season in just three steps:

Junk It!

Let Tomasso Bros. Energy take away your old heating equipment to make room for the new equipment. And speaking of hauling away, Junkyard Dogs can pick up any other bulk junk you have laying around, including yard waste, scrap metal, large appliances, furniture and more.

Install It!

The expert technicians at Tomasso Bros. Energy know the ins and outs of modern home heating equipment. When it comes to the installation of such equipment, they do it to manufacturer’s specifications so you can enjoy optimal comfort and high energy efficiency.

Fuel It!

Tomasso Bros. Online offers customers a quick and easy way to order their home heating oil to power their home heating equipment. Set up an account today and see for yourself!

Our teamwork makes your comfort dream work! If you’re looking to upgrade your heating equipment, or just remove all the junk you’ve accumulated this past summer? Call or contact Junkyard Dogs online to schedule your pick-up.