July 10, 2019

Having a clean space provides many New Jersey homeowners with an incomparable level of comfort. Imagine all that junk in your garage, basement, attic or crawlspace is just… gone! How great would it feel? That’s what Junkyard Dogs aims to do for our customers! However, that’s just one aspect of how we help raise the levels of comfort in your home…

As a part of the home comfort pack, we work with our sister companies to provide an all-encompassing, comfort-boosting, on-stop-shop for many needs of the home!

Heating & Cooling Services

When it comes to staying cool all summer, or warm all winter, the best thing you can do is purchase modern equipment from a company that knows their stuff! Tomasso Bros. Energy is a full-service home comfort company, selling and installing high-efficiency equipment to New Jersey homes!

Discount Heating Oil

If you use heating oil to fuel your home heating system, there’s a company you should know about: Tomasso Bros. Online! They offer the same high-quality heating oil you’d expect from other dealers at great prices.

When you put the three companies together, you get a trusty trio that takes your comfort seriously! Combining our services is easy, too. Replacing old HVAC equipment? We’ll remove it before Tomasso Bros. Energy installs your new equipment!

So, whether you need reliable heating oil delivery at a great price, newly installed cooling equipment to take on the summer heat, or you’ve got heavy appliances, furniture, scrap metal, or construction debris that you need hauled away, we’re here to help!

Contact Junkyard Dogs online today to learn more, or call us directly.