June 11, 2020

The summer is a great time for many New Jersey homeowners to do a little work on their homes, which can result in a lot of junk lying around!

This summer, call Junkyard Dogs to help remove any junk you’ve got piling up as a result of…

Home Renovations

Construction waste is a hassle to deal with on your own, so instead of tolerating the drywall, lumber and other construction debris sitting on the yard give us a call to pick it up.

Yard Work

Some homeowners take pride in their front, side and back yards and work hard to keep it in tip top shape. This means they might find themselves with bags and bags of yard waste that we’d be more than happy to help them haul away!

Home Interior Redesign

Expecting more guests this summer? Maybe you want to get a start on redesigning your home for the next holiday season? Making room for the new furniture, electronics and appliances means getting rid of the old ones - and we can deal with the logistics behind getting rid of those for you!

No matter what your plans are this summer, keep Junkyard Dogs in mind for all of your residential junk hauling needs!

Contact us online today to learn more or to schedule a pickup.