June 11, 2018

Junkyard Dogs is a proud partner of Tomasso Bros. Energy – a New Jersey based home comfort provider that installs and maintains a wide range of home heating and air conditioning systems.

Tomasso Bros. also specializes in a bit of removal as well! They can assist in the removal of any air conditioning or heating equipment, but they’re also known for their expertise in the area of oil storage tank removal. This is ideal for properties with abandoned underground oil storage tanks, as it raises the property value and helps prevent any unknown tank releases or sudden collapses.

As a home comfort provide, Tomasso Bros. provides homeowners with Home Energy Audits that assist in improving the energy efficiency of homes; heating oil delivery, along with money saving payment options; service contracts to protect newly installed home comfort equipment and a whole lot more. To learn more about Tomasso Bros. Energy, click here to visit their website and contact them directly.

And don’t forget, Junkyard Dogs is waiting for your call when you need help removing everything else! From old office furniture to large appliances, if you want to get rid of it just contact us and we’ll be there for you.