December 10, 2019

Household items have everyday uses, before they become junk to be taken away that is! With winter upon us, it’s important to know that low temperatures can cause harm to outdoor and indoor tools and other items, which can lead to costly repairs or an addition to the junk piling up in the garage.

Keep these tips in mind when storing your valuable tools and household items!

Pressure Washer

In order to keep a pressure washer in good shape while it’s stored during the winter, be sure to flush the system of any liquids so they don’t freeze and damage the equipment.

Garden Hose

Remove your garden hoses from the outdoor house spigot and drain the water out completely. Then store it in your garage – and don’t forget to check the outside spigot for any remaining water that could freeze!

Gas Grill

After you’ve cleaned your gas grill off for the last time, be sure to remove the propane tank (don’t store it in the house, garage or a storage unit!). If you have an electric grill igniter system, remove the battery to prevent corrosion. Finally, remember to cover your grill!

Cleaning Supplies

The polymers in many floor cleaners and other detergent based products do not hold up well in colder climates, so be sure to keep them in a climate-controlled area of the home.

Paints & Aerosol Cans

Water-based paints and aerosol spray cleaners or air fresheners all tend to freeze in low temperatures, so storing them in a warm space will let them last through the winter and retain their usefulness.

We’re more than happy to take any amount of junk off of your hands – but if you want to make sure your household items avoid being hauled away, be sure to store them properly during the winter!

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