August 28, 2020

Do you have an old television set in your home that you’re looking to get rid of? Did you know that sometimes disposing of a TV isn’t as easy as putting it out to the curb? Not to worry! We’ll help you with a few tips on properly disposing of old televisions. But first…

Why shouldn’t you throw your TV in the trash?

Old televisions and other older electronics contain harmful chemicals that are bad for your health and the environment. In addition to TVs, other electronics that can contain chemicals include:

  • Computer monitors
  • DVD players
  • Cassette decks
  • Printers
  • iPods and other MP3 players

By throwing your old TV into the trash or a dumpster, you’re increasing the chances of it ending up in a junkyard, potentially contaminating the soil and polluting the water and the air!

With that out of the way, here’s what you can do with old TV sets that still work:

  • Donate them to homeless shelters, schools and senior centers
  • Sell them online or at a garage sale
  • Return it to the manufacturer or retailer
  • Recycle them at recycling centers

If you don’t want to do the footwork involved in properly disposing of an old television set or other electronics, we’re here for you!

Contact Junkyard Dogs today to schedule your residential junk pick up and help keep our planet safe and healthy at the same time!