April 18, 2022

When the weather warms up homeowners typically start planning for improvements around the house. Whether it’s landscaping, remodeling or extending the home, those improvements can sometimes get messy! That’s where Junkyard Dogs comes in.

Yard Waste

Landscaping can be a great way to relax for some homeowners, until they get to the clean-up. Luckily, after everything is bagged up your part in the cleaning process is done and Junkyard Dogs can take over as we haul your yard waste away.

Construction Debris

Extending your home or renovating? It can be a lot to deal with – especially with all of the debris laying around. We can help though! We happily haul away construction debris, scrap metal and more.

Appliances & Electronics

Maybe you’re upgrading your kitchen or entertainment system. What should you do with all the old equipment? Let us take care of it! Some electronics and appliances don’t belong in the trash and we know where to take things to be recycled or disposed of properly.

Go ahead and make your home a better more comfortable place! We’ll be here to help with all the heavy lifting. Call Junkyard Dogs today to schedule a residential pick-up.