September 23, 2022

Junkyard Dogs is Doing Their Part to Make the World a Cleaner Place

One of the goals at Junkyard Dogs is to encourage fewer landfills and our recycling services can help do just that. We will sort out useable items and appliances and take materials to sorting facilities to separate metals, plastics, wood and general trash for recycling and disposal to minimize the environmental impact.

Benefits of Recycling Various Materials

  • Recycling Paper and Wood – helps protect trees and forests. Although new trees can be planted, it is not possible to replace the virgin rainforests and the wildlife who have lost their homes.
  • Recycling Plastic – can reduce the need for new plastics to be created. The production of plastic requires fossil fuels and hydrocarbons, which emit greenhouse gases and harm our environment.
  • Recycling Metals – can reduce the extraction of limited natural resources such as platinum or cobalt. Metals can be reused forever and recycling them can preserve those resources without loss of quality. Recycling metals is also less costly than mining, which could result in lower prices for most metals.

Allow Junkyard Dogs to handle your recycling, so you can do your part in making the world a cleaner place. Future generations will thank you! To learn more about our recycling services, please call 908-409-5600 or contact us.