September 28, 2021

Are you using your office space less than usual now that more people are working from home? Or maybe you’re just downsizing because you have fewer employees? No matter the reason, Junkyard Dogs is here to help with the removal of the office furniture you’re no longer using!

Prepare for an office cleanout by…

  1. Thoroughly go through and make sure all personal items are removed
  2. Remove any important paper documents and prepare them for shredding if necessary
  3. Use sticky notes and place them on bulky items such as desks and file cabinets that you want hauled away
  4. Call Junkyard Dogs to schedule your pick-up
  5. Sit back and let us handle the rest!

Why should you get Junkyard Dogs to help with your office cleanout?

  • We do the heavy lifting
  • You avoid injuries
  • Your employees aren’t pulled away from their daily duties
  • Save yourself money!

Let’s get you set up today! Call or contact us online to schedule a commercial pick-up and clear out your office of unused, bulky furniture.