October 24, 2018

We’ve all seen it happen: mail, receipts and other documents pile up on the kitchen counter, table, in the office and on the couch, and pretty soon you’ve got mountains of paperwork that you wish would take care of itself. Not to worry! Junkyard Dogs has some tips to help you organize the pesky paper piles efficiently.

To clean up the clutter quickly, separate your papers according to three categories:

Urgent: In this file, place documents that require immediate attention, such as forms to sign, bills to pay, and invitations that need an RSVP. This file should always be handily accessible so that you can take the time out to check on it on a daily basis to avoid an overstuffed situation.

Current Records: Here’s where you can keep basic forms and documents, such as health insurance records, pay stubs, and paid bills. Credit card statements, important receipts, and tax documents fit here, too. After about a year, you can move these files to…

Important Records: Files you need to keep for the long term can live here. Including birth certificates, medical records, tax returns, legal documentation, credit reports, insurance documents, and any other important statements.

When you’ve reduced the amount of clutter in your home, you’ll feel a whole lot better! In fact, removing any junk that’s laying around your home, yard or even your office can improve your mood.

If you’ve got junk that needs removing, call or contact Junkyard Dogs online to learn how we can help!