April 30, 2021

We can’t replace the reliable mop and bucket when it comes to cleaning up the home, but what we can offer New Jersey homeowners is the solution to their junk hauling needs! What do you do with all that old furniture sitting in the basement? How can you free up space in your garage? Junk removal with Junkyard Dogs is the answer!

You should call Junkyard Dogs for all your junk-hauling needs because…

It’s More Convenient!

Think about how much time you’d need to dedicate moving the junk you’re looking to get rid of. We know there are more important things you could be doing with that time, so let us help you make the best of it!

It’s Safer!

From minor cuts to back injuries, moving junk can be hazardous, that is unless you’ve got a professional team of junk haulers from Junkyard Dogs helping out!

It’s Less Expensive!

Doing the junk hauling on your own can become costly. Consider the mileage you’ll be putting on your car and gas usage. If you have to rent a truck, that’s just another expense you could do without.

It’s Efficient!

At Junkyard Dogs we know how to handle junk removal – no matter what it is we’re hauling away! Clunky furniture to awkwardly shaped appliances and more, we know the best way to tackle everything so we can get the job done quickly and correctly.

Make spring cleaning easier on yourself this year. Call or contact Junkyard Dogs for all of your residential junk pickup needs!