June 15, 2019

Was your air conditioning system manufactured before 2010? It might be in your best interest to get rid of it and upgrade to a more modern AC system!

Air conditioning equipment that was manufactured before 2010 could be utilizing a refrigerant known as R-22. R-22 was found to be harmful to the environment, and so the Environmental Protection Agency instated a gradual phase-out that ends in January 2020. After this date, R-22 refrigerant will no longer be produced or imported into the U.S.

What does this mean for you?

If your equipment uses R-22 refrigerant, and requires a refrigerant charge, the costs will increase as supplies decrease! Costs are expected to continue increasing as the phase-out date draws closer, which means you could potentially be putting a lot of money into the upkeep of a system that is soon to be obsolete.

What should you do?

Purchase new equipment! Put your money to good use by installing a new system in your home. This will help in two ways. One, you avoid the rising cost of R-22 refrigerant and the harmful effects it has on the environment. Two, modern equipment is highly efficient, offering you significant savings on your cooling costs.

Junkyard Dogs can help by removing your old, outdated air conditioning equipment so you can make room for your new system!

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